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Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater

Run Through The Jungle-Creedence Clearwater




"Our Marine Brothers"

Marine Scout Snipers

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It's a very unique club -
   I see it everywhere -

    I see man embracing man -

    A tear that says, "I care!".

   There's a special look in eyes

   That words cannot explain -

 I see joy for this life -

  Sometimes the living pain.

 There's a camaraderie

 That's very rare these days -

 They let it show without shame

 In so many different ways.

 I wasn't there, (thank the Lord.)

So I can't really know -

I can only sense and feel

Those things which I see show.

The patience, understanding -

Which only they can feel -

There is something very special

And something very real.

                              Del Jones




"That Ragged Old Flag"




CW2 Mike Piccone
2/17 Cavalry 101 Airborne RVN 67-68 
7/17 Cavalry 1st AVN BDE RVN 68-69 
57th Assault Helicopter Company RVN 69



"Four pages including our troops in Iraq"





"Inserting Blues"



57thAHC Gladiators







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I read the eulogy "From the Other Side" tonight.. I was moved to tears, I must admit it. My father served in Vietnam, for three years, 1965-68. He came home to me and momma, and after reading the story, I am truly thankful. I cannot claim to know what you went through during that terrible time in our country's past, and I hope that I and my comrades won't ever have to know. But, after visiting your homepage and looking at the remembrances of a time I only know from television, I am truly proud to say that I can count you as a friend. I hope that my leaders have the foresight to learn from this country's past, and that they all visit a place like this. Maybe then we won't be putting up any more memorials to this country's dead heroes. Your friend and comrade-in-arms,

SGT James McEdwards, 110th MI BN, 10th Mountain Division.

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